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Dermablading Facial Exfoliation Treatment

What is the Dermablading Process?

If you’ve heard about dermablading (aka dermaplaning), you may have wondered why everyone seems to be raving about shaving their faces. But dermablading is more than just a quick haircut for your peach fuzz. While this non-invasive cosmetic treatment does do an excellent job of eliminating the super tiny fuzz on your face, it does a whole lot more for your complexion.

During a dermablading session, a licensed medical aesthetician uses a medical grade scalpel to scrape away dead skin cells, peach fuzz, and debris to reveal a brighter layer of the skin. This process not only gets rid of facial hair & impurities, but results in an overall smoother skin appearance. Dermablading is a chemical free exfoliation method that is safe for most skin types.

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​Dermablading Effects

Dermablading has a variety of skincare benefits & purposes. The treatment removes dead skin cells and ultimately leaves you with smoother & more exfoliated skin on the surface layer. 

  • Dead skin cells are removed, pores and hair follicles are unclogged, lowering the chances of pimples or breakouts. 
  • Removing the dead skin cells can eliminate many fine lines, visible signs of sun damage, dry patches, and dull skin. 
  • Beauty & skincare products will work more effectively & better penetrate the skin, a result of eliminating the dead skin cell layer. 
  • Smoother application of makeup, which will no longer accentuate facial hairs or peach fuzz. 

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