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Dermablading Facial Exfoliation Treatment

What is the Dermablading Process?

During a dermablading session, a licensed medical aesthetician uses a medical grade scalpel to scrape away dead skin cells, peach fuzz, and debris to reveal a brighter layer of the skin. This process not only gets rid of facial hair & impurities, but results in an overall smoother skin appearance. Dermablading is a chemical free exfoliation method that is safe for most skin types.

​Dermablading Effects

Dermablading has a variety of skincare benefits & purposes. The treatment removes dead skin cells and ultimately leaves you with smoother & more exfoliated skin on the surface layer. 

  • Dead skin cells are removed, pores and hair follicles are unclogged, lowering the chances of pimples or breakouts. 
  • Removing the dead skin cells can eliminate many fine lines, visible signs of sun damage, dry patches, and dull skin. 
  • Beauty & skincare products will work more effectively & better penetrate the skin, a result of eliminating the dead skin cell layer. 
  • Smoother application of makeup, which will no longer accentuate facial hairs or peach fuzz. 

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