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Diamond Glow/Dermal Infusion Facials

The Process: Exfoliate, Extract, & Infuse

Dermalinfusion facials are performed by our experienced medical aesthetics nurse using a professional-grade Dermalinfusion machine. First, dry & damaged skin cells are exfoliated from the skin’s surface to reveal a younger layer. The next step extracts blackheads & pimples, clearing the pores & preparing them to soak up as much serum as possible. A custom serum is then infused, formulated depending on individual skin nourishment needs.  This entire procedure lasts about 30 minutes and you will leave with immediate results. Dermalinfusion has now become Diamond Glow! 

Why Choose a Dermalinfusion Facial?

The resulting skin brightening & volumizing from a Dermalinfusion facial can help with a variety of skin issues & concerns. Skin brightening will help diminish the look of acne, scarring, and hyperpigmentation, while the hydration & volume will minimize fine lines. No matter your skin’s needs, a Dermalinfusion facial will leave you with a bright & dewy complexion. 

The Benefits of a Dermalinfusion Facial:


  • The gentle exfoliation eliminates dull & damaged skin cells to reveal a fresh layer of skin cells. 
  • The extraction process leaves a smoother skin surface that is blackhead & clog-free. 
  • Your serum will be custom created according to your skin’s needs, addressing a variety of concerns. 
  • Your skin will immediately radiate with a hydrated & rejuvenated glow. 
  • Restored volume for fewer lines & more youthful features. 
  • There is zero downtime or healing required post-treatment. You will leave with smooth, glowing & radiant skin!
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