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Botox injections Plymouth

Everything You Need to Know About BOTOX® Cosmetic Injections 

Nowadays, many people of different ages are turning to BOTOX Cosmetic injections to treat wrinkles and fine lines typically along the forehead, mouth, and brow line. BOTOX has grown in popularity for many reasons; it begins working right away, it helps patients boost their confidence, and it also helps to prevent fine lines and wrinkles from forming in the future. Its preventative effects are why it’s become so popular to the younger generations. If you’re wondering if BOTOX is for you, continue reading! By the end of this article, you’ll know everything there is to know about BOTOX.

Ingredients in BOTOX

The main ingredient in BOTOX is botulinum toxin type A. It also consists of human albumin and sodium chloride. These 3 ingredients work together to smooth and prevent all your wrinkles and fine lines.

How Is BOTOX Injected?

BOTOX is injected right into your facial muscles. When injected, they immediately start working to block nerve impulses to the tissue. Because of this, your facial muscle movement is reduced which creates a smoother look. Patients will typically see results within a few days, however, it takes around 10-14 days to see its full effect. 

BOTOX is Completely Safe When Administered by a Professional 

BOTOX is an FDA-approved treatment which means it is extremely safe when administered by a professional, like Nurse Injector Allison Jenkins in Plymouth, MA! 

Since BOTOX needles are extremely small, the injection itself is pretty much pain-free!

BOTOX is Temporary 

To those unfamiliar with BOTOX, it’s important to know that the injections are only temporary. They last about 3-4 months depending on a few factors: 

  • Age: If you have less muscle tone you might see results diminish sooner
  • Diet
  • Smoking Habits
  • Skin Care: The better care you take of your skin, the longer results can last. Skincare includes regular facials, dermal infusion, chemical peels, etc. 
  • Sun Damage

It is not recommended to get injections in the same area more than once every 3 months. When consistently getting BOTOX, the muscles on your face will learn to relax which will help fight wrinkles and fine lines over time. 

BOTOX Dosage Varies By Patient

BOTOX injections are priced per unit and since every patient requires a different number of units, the price will vary from patient to patient. At Fresh Medical Aesthetics, Allison will examine the depth of your wrinkles and how intense your facial muscles are. She will customize a plan specifically for you which will help give you the best and most natural results possible. 

BOTOX Gives Natural Results 

A concern most patients have is that their BOTOX results won’t look natural. We are here to calm your worries because they definitely produce natural-looking results. A professional BOTOX injector, such as Allison, has years of experience and knows exactly how much Botox to administer to each patient to get natural results. 

BOTOX Injections at Fresh Medical Aesthetics in Plymouth, MA

If you live in or near Plymouth, MA, visit us at Fresh Medical Aesthetics for your Botox injections! As mentioned above, we have some of the best-trained staff in the area. If you have any questions about BOTOX or any of our other skin treatments don’t hesitate to give us a call. 774-454-4934

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