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How Can I Continue My Skincare Routine During the COVID Pandemic?

The current COVID-19 pandemic has thrown most of us for a loop in a lot of ways. Our daily lives are drastically different from what they were just a year or two ago, but that doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your health and wellness. In fact, now is the best time to take extra care of yourself, including your skin. If you’re wondering how you can continue your skincare routine during the COVID pandemic, keep reading for everything you need to know.

Keep the Routine

If you already have an established skincare routine, the pandemic shouldn’t be standing in your way. However, you may find that your skin has different needs or that you need to experiment with different products. Fresh Medical Aesthetics offers a variety of skincare products that will help enhance or begin your skincare routine to keep your skin fresh and clear during COVID-19.

Why You Need Skincare Now

Skincare is especially important during this pandemic because of how our lives have changed so much. A change in eating habits due to lockdowns can result in blemishes and excess oil, which need specific treatment. Additionally, wearing a mask for several hours a day can lead to acne breakouts around the mouth. Even frowning or furrowing our brows from the stress of the pandemic can bring about wrinkles. If you want to keep your skin in great shape, you’ll need to pay particular attention to the products you choose.

Skin Care Products You Need

At Fresh Medical Aesthetics, we know that keeping your skin is important. We also know that selecting the right products for your needs can be a daunting challenge. Here are a few types of products that you might want to look into to get the best skin possible:

  • Hydrators – Keeping your skin hydrated is one of the most important aspects of skincare. A hydrator is like a high-powered moisturizer with special ingredients to keep your skin hydrated all day long. Moisturizing can help prevent fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Anti-aging – If aging is one of your major concerns, anti-aging serums are for you. These viscous concoctions are meant to reduce the appearance of discoloration and wrinkles in the skin, giving you years back. Anti-aging eye creams are particularly useful to combat crow’s feet.
  • Anti-acne – Wearing masks during the pandemic can lead to acne around the mouth and cheeks, so now is a good time to look into anti-acne skincare. Ingredients like salicylic acid, willow tree bark, and tea tree oil can help clear up any unwanted blemishes.

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There are a variety of other products that we carry at Fresh Medical Aesthetics that can help you reach your skin goals. Check out our bundled products that will help you cover all your face bases during the COVID pandemic. Need more information about our products, ingredients, or what’s best for you? Contact our team today!

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