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How Does a Dermalinfusion Facial Work?

Dermalinfusion facials are one of the most effective & quickest skin resurfacing treatments currently available in the world of medical aesthetics. Med spas with access to this patented technology are able to bring patients brighter, smoother, and more hydrated skin in record time after just one treatment. The procedure is noninvasive and works for even the most sensitive skin! Wondering how exactly this revolutionary treatment works? We’re breaking it down for you.


The Dermalinfusion machine first works to exfoliate the skin. Instead of the traditional loose crystal method of exfoliation, Dermalinfusion uses a diamond tip for a more targeted effect. This is easier for the professionals to navigate around sensitive areas like the lips and eyes, yet still get those hard to reach areas including crows feet and smile lines. The treatment’s exfoliation ultimately removes dry, dull, and dead skin cells to reveal a fresher layer of skin. 


While it works to exfoliate, the Dermalinfusion machine simultaneously uses vacuum pressure to extract grime and imperfections from deep within the skin. While the exfoliation factor removes the layer of dead & damaged skin cells, the extraction removes blackheads, pore clogs, & bacteria that are rooted beneath the skin’s surface. This thoroughly cleanses each pore and removes any dirt & debris accumulated underneath the skin, and prepares it to absorb the serum.

Custom Serum Infusion

As dead skin cells are exfoliated away and imperfections are extracted, a custom serum infusion permeates deep into the skin when it is most receptive. Your skin specialist will custom formulate this serum according to your skin’s needs, whether you need to combat dryness, oiliness, sun damage, fine lines, or acne. Each of these steps takes place as your medical aesthetics expert gently guides the Dermalinfusion pen across your skin’s surface. Regardless of your skin’s needs, this 3-in-1 technology will leave your skin radiant, volumized, and smooth.

Who Does it Work For?

Dermalinfusion facials are for all skin types, thanks to their serums’ ability to be custom formulated according to individual needs. This means that those with oily skin, acne issues, fine lines, and sun damage can all benefit from this one quick treatment! If you are struggling with any of these or other skin issues, or are just looking for a pore cleanout & boost in your skin’s radiance, the skincare experts at Fresh Medical Aesthetics are here to help. Contact us today for a Dermalinfusion facial & more at our Plymouth, MA med spa!

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