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Perfect Your Skincare Routine with These Tips

Everybody wants clear, acne-free, smooth, silky skin. To achieve these results, you need to implement a consistent skincare routine. The skin is the largest organ in the body and should be getting extensive treatment and care. For most people, the best time to treat their skin is in the morning and evening. So, what should your skincare routine be like? Read on to find out.

4 Crucial Skincare Steps

Wash Face First

You don’t want to apply products to your face before washing it, trapping in dirt and toxins. The first step in your skincare routine should be washing or rinsing your face in the morning and before bed. Whether you wash or rinse should depend on how dirty your face is and your skin type. Remove all the dirt, dust, sweat, grime, or even makeup on your face. Make sure to choose the correct fash wash for your skin type.

Apply The Serums

Next, you can apply any serums you may use—these aren’t required but can be an added bonus if you prefer them. Serums are products containing an ingredient designed to have a particular effect on the skin. This can include “brightening” products or even “correctors.” They work on specific skin issues, fix particular concerns, and benefit your skin. Face serums are designed to seep right into the skin and lock in moisture.

Moisturize Up

What’s a good skincare routine without moisturizers? This is the staple to any good routine. Moisturizers help replenish all the lost moisture from your skin and help your skin lock moisture in throughout the day. After washing your face and applying the serum, evenly apply whichever moisturizer you choose. If you wear makeup during the day, a lighter moisturizer is advisable for the morning to create a good base.

Splurge on Sunscreen

One of the most critical steps to having healthy, glowing skin is sunscreen. Applying sunscreen is one of the best ways to protect your skin. Of course, sun exposure has benefits, like Vitamin D. However, too much of it can damage your skin. Let your moisturizer stay and settle on your skin for a minute before applying sunscreen. Don’t complete the sunscreen application, or else all your earlier preparation might have wasted time and products. Fresh Medical Aesthetics has plenty of SPF products for your face that can be implemented into your skincare routine.

Medical-Grade Skincare in Plymouth, MA

Your skin deserves utmost care and attention. It’s your identity and how the world sees you, and that’s why it deserves the best. If the utmost best is what you want to give your skin, you need to visit Fresh Medical Aesthetics in Plymouth, MA, and shop for our medical-grade skincare products. We can help you build a custom skincare routine that works best for your skin and gives you excellent results. Contact us today to get the best treatment your skin can have.

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