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Reducing Sun Damage With Medical Grade Skincare

Long days in the summer sun are the ideal lifestyle in many of our minds, but with sun exposure comes sun damage on your skin. The most important ways to prevent sun damage are to wear daily SPF and try to avoid direct sunlight during peak hours. But what do you do once your skin has already been damaged?

What are the Signs of Sun Damage?

Here are some signs your skin is damaged from the sun:

  • Discoloration, redness, blotchiness
  • Hyperpigmentation & age spots
  • Fine lines or deep-set wrinkles
  • Dry, flaky skin texture
  • Broken capillaries/Burst blood vessels

None of these are good signs for your health or beauty, however, it is possible to reverse the damage with proper medical-grade skincare products & treatments. Here are some doctor-approved recommendations for reversing sun damage on your skin!

Topical Retinols & Retinoids

Retinol & retinoid products are Vitamin A derivatives that work to increase epidermal cell turnover when used topically. The ingredients fight acne, clogged pores, and hyperpigmentation to reveal smoother skin texture and appearance with regular use. The anti-aging properties also reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles! Although “Retinol” can be marketed in OTC skincare products, the best products are medical grade & sold exclusively by skincare professionals. Allergan’s Skinmedica Brilliant Distinctions program, now called Alle, allows you to purchase medical-grade skincare online and earn reward points with each purchase!

Vitamin C

Vitamin C brightens dark spots on the skin’s surface, reducing hyperpigmentation and creating a youthful glow. It repairs existing damage & prevents future damage by neutralizing free radicals. While Vitamin C is not a replacement for daily SPF, they can be a dream combination when used together!

Medical Grade Chemical Peels

Medical grade chemical peels administered by a licensed skincare professional are customized according to your skin’s needs. They remove the surface layer of dead skin cells to reveal a layer of younger, healthier cells. The depth of treatment varies between superficial, medium, or deep, according to your skin’s level of damage and what your ultimate goals are. Frequently administered as a series of treatments, repeated chemical peels can take decades off your skin to reveal an evenly pigmented youthful glow!

Dermalinfusion Diamond Glow Facials

Administered in a series of treatments by a skincare professional, similar to chemical peels, a Diamond Glow facial takes the skin through 3 steps of exfoliation, extraction, & serum infusion. Unlike a chemical exfoliation, Diamond Glow provides a physical exfoliation using a diamond tip pen to exfoliate & extract impurities from the pores. It then infuses a custom serum based on your skin’s needs as determined by your esthetician.

Treat Your Sun Damage Today

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