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b-12 injections

What Are The Benefits Of B-12 Injections?

Are you getting a sufficient intake of all the necessary vitamins to keep you healthy? Vitamin B-12 is generally an overlooked vitamin that many do not make a priority when it comes to their diet. It’s naturally found in many foods, from fish to eggs. The vitamin serves important bodily functions and a deficiency can have an impact on your health. One of the ways to get an adequate amount of B-12 is getting shots of the vitamin. What are some of the benefits of B-12 injections? Let’s take a look at what B-12 injections can do for your health and well-being. 


Helps With Brain Sharpness

B-12 injection can help the brain by hindering neuron loss. It helps to keep the brain sharp by keeping at bay brain atrophy, which is linked to memory loss or dementia. Studies have indicated that B-12 slows mental decline and could help in improving memory. Brain health is important and B-12 injections can help to protect this vital organ as you age.


Boost Energy

If you need a boost in energy could provide you with the surge you need to get back to normal. It plays an active role in energy production in the body without being the source of energy. B-12 injections are effective at making you feel more energetic, by combating lethargy and improving mood.


Aids With Red Blood Cell Formation and with Preventing Anemia

Vitamin B-12 serves a crucial function in helping with the production of red blood cells in the body. If your body is low on vitamin B12, a B-12 injection could help to replenish it and boost red blood cell formation and proper development. The vitamin can help to prevent anemia by allowing the body to have enough red blood cells for the transportation of oxygen to the organs in the body.


May Support Bone Health and Prevent Osteoporosis

Adequate vitamin B-12 appears to be essential to supporting bone health. One study seems to indicate that a deficiency in vitamin B-12 levels in the body may lower bone mineral density. This diminished mineral density leads to your bones becoming fragile with time, with the result being an increased risk for the development of osteoporosis, especially in women


Hair Loss Prevention

Having a low level of vitamin B-12 could impact hair growth and B-12 injection could provide the nutrient top-up that could prevent hair loss. In one study, it was determined that a diet supplemented with B-12, biotin, iron, and L-Lysine reduced hair shedding.


B-12  Vitamin Injections in Plymouth, MA

If your body is lacking vitamin B-12, a qualified health professional at Fresh Medical Aesthetics can administer a B-12 injection and help boost your overall health. We can answer all your questions about the benefits of B-12 shots and self-administration at home. Make an appointment with us today. Give us a call at (774)454-4934.

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