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What are the Best SunSpots Removal Treatments?

Summer’s uniqueness is in hotness. That is the period most people experience sunspots due to excess melanin production as a result of exposure to the sun. A person with an acne scar or nutritional deficiencies can also get sunspots. These flat brown spots are common among those with fair skin, though dark people are not exempted. Although sunspot causes no harm, no one wants to keep seeing them on their body.

Here is what you can do to get rid of it:


This is a versatile approach to treating many skin problems. Its application to sunspots works by producing a protein called collagen that treats the affected part of your body. The process involves using a hand-held roller and sterilized needles to penetrate the affected areas carefully. It is one of the trusted and most reliable ways to restore your skin to its natural form after exposure to the sun.

Chemical Peels

Humans can produce newer skin after removing the top layer of damaged cells using chemical peels. The application of chemical peels alerts your body that it needs to produce collagen that allows the skin to maintain the desired structure. By rubbing the acid solution on your face, your skin will react by shedding the damaged cell to allow for new healthier skin. Depending on your sunspots, different approaches apply to treating them.

Intense Pulsed Light Therapy

It involves using laser technology to work on specific pigmented cells. Intense pulsed light therapy is a direct approach that targets dark spots. It does heat up the cell to make clearing the unwanted spots faster. After getting rid of the affected cells, new ones grow with the spots cleared off. It is an advanced system for treating flat brown spots, and it applies to the removal of tattoos.

Natural Home Treatment

You can treat sunspots by combining different methods that do not involve professional treatment. For example, the aloe Vera plant possesses aloesin and aloin that gradually help the skin clear the sunspot. Licorice extracts are another natural treatment for burns, as it makes the spots fade off. Licorice extracts are among the ingredients used by most topical creams. Other home treatment includes vitamin C and E, Apple cider vinegar, and green tea.

Medical Spa in Plymouth, MA

You can treat those spots that bother you medically or personally, depending on how soon you want to see the results. If you prefer professional treatment for your sunspots, Fresh Medical Aesthetics can assist you with your worries. Set up a consultation today and we’ll let you know what treatment we think would be best for your skin! 774-454-4934

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