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Why You Should Wear Sunscreen Everyday

You already know that sun protection is essential for long days at the beach. People often, however, ignore the importance of wearing sunscreen on a daily basis. If you’re not protecting your skin from everyday UVA & UVB rays, you are sacrificing your skins’ health. Daily skin protection is as easy as applying a sun protecting moisturizer in the morning. Why is it worth it? These benefits will renew your motivation to keep applying that SPF!

Prevents Signs of Aging

Is a tan this summer worth the extra wrinkles in 10 years? Sun damage is one of the most common causes of visible aging – UV rays breakdown the skin’s collagen, causing fine lines & wrinkles. To prevent wrinkly & leathery skin, wear a moisturizer with SPF in it everyday. Even if you wear makeup, you should still be applying a layer of SPF moisturizer underneath. If you are going to be in the sun for a prolonged period, be sure to reapply periodically.

Prevents Sunburns

You might have thought you were getting a tan, but somewhere during that beach day things went horribly wrong and you went home looking like a lobster! Sunburns cause the unsightly process of swelling, redness and eventually peeling of the skin. If your skin is extremely damaged from a burn, it could even bubble. Aside from being temporarily painful, itchy, and dehydrating, each sunburn causes permanent skin damage even after the burn has healed. So even if you feel better after some aloe and hydration, your skin does not.

Keeps Your Complexion Even

Along with sunburns that can turn bright red, swell, and then peel for days, sun exposure can result in longer lasting uneven skin tones. Brown pigmented spots not just on your face, but all over your body can be attributed to damage from the sun. Sun damage can also appear red and blotchy, and can even make unsightly veins become visible under the skin on your face! Your tan might look bright and bronze this summer, but how will it look once the summer is over?

Decreases Your Risk of Cancer

As the most serious side effect of sun damage, skin cancer can be aggressive, fast moving, and potentially deadly. Many do not even realize that skin cancer can be deadly, nor that it can spread from there. Even though skin cancer on its own can be fatal, the cancer starting in your skin can also spread to other organs in your body. Those with darker skin tones who don’t necessarily get sunburned still fall victim to the dangers of sun exposure! Regular application of sunscreen is a necessity for everyone in order to ensure healthy & young looking skin.

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